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Are you ready for a different educational option for your Theatre or Creative student?

TSP Conservatory;

A Learning Center & Theatre Arts all in one!


Dear Parent,


It has been our mission for 11 years here at Theatre South Playhouse to nurture, challenge, educate and empower our artists and students. We are now offering a unique Day Conservatory option for creative Middle School students. A safe environment for young teens to attend schooling through accredited online programs while furthering their theatrical arts education during the school day.


Theatre South Conservatory enhances the development of our students throughout their entire educational experience. With three different track options there's something for everyone!.


Our staff is made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about providing our students with the best tools and support necessary to reach their full potential and to be successful in their field.  


Do you want to learn at Theatre South Conservatory? Get in touch with us today.




Hillary Brook

Executive Director


Registration 2021 school semester


 4th-5th Grade- GUIDED FLVS LAB PLUS 1 ENRICHMENT  TRACK 1 $760 per month 

 9:15am-3pm Monday-Thursday. *Friday early release at 1pm


4th-5th Grade- GUIDED FLVS LAB ONLY TRACK 2 $500 per month

 9:15am-2pm Monday-Thursday. *Friday early release at 1pm

*Pre and After-Care available at an additional cost.


Teacher guided FLVS School 

Two conservatory classes per day, plus one half hour private voice per week included.

$8000 for 2020/2021 School year, which can be broken down into 10 monthly payments of $800 per month.

*Sibling discount available

$295* per year directly to Champion Prep (*optional)

6-8th Grade ACADEMICS ONLY TRACK 2 Monday-Friday

Teacher guided FLVS online schooling

$4000 for the 2020/2021 school year which can be broken down into 10 monthly payments of $400 per month.

$295* per year directly to Champion Prep (*optional)


Two conservatory classes per day ( *Join our field trips)

$4500 for 2020/2021 school year which can be broken down into 10 monthly payments of $450 per month.  

*Voice lessons are not included.


2 day program- $350 a month

3 day program- $400 a month

4 day program- $450 a month

 *All other TSP afternoon offerings are an additional cost.

*Private voice/piano available for an additional cost.


Champion Prep is one of our partners of our program. You can choose to have them as your"Umbrella School", and your child will be registered in the state as a private school student of Champion Prep, not a Homeschooler. Please visit www. Championprep.org and visit their Homeschool Academy to see the extra options and guidance this school offers us.


*THis plan will be adjusted as new research and CDC recommendations are released.

We will continue to do all our current CDC recommendations:

-Contant cleaning and disinfecting of all areas

-Temp checks at the doors.

-Any temperature over 100.4 will be sent home.

-Sanitizer at door and throughout the day.

-Masks worn always in the building, with supervised outside mask breaks until a safe solution is found or a vaccine is approved. 

*Possible plexiglass desk options will be available for solo work time without masks.

-Limiting the class size to 10 students.

-Lunches outside on our patio outside the theater, socially distant.


The Conservatory will follow the OCPS School Calendar

*Schedule subject to change


The Conservatory Classes are Monday-Friday

with Friday

being a *Flex Day

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday /Thursday (example schedule)

Academic Full-Time Schedule:


8:00am-9:15am- FLEX DROP OFF

*(Later drop-off  available if student works at home)


9:15am-9:25am- Morning Group Meeting (Theatre Game and Warm Up)


9:30am-11am- Online School Work


15 minute mental break


11:15am-12:15am Online School Work


12:15p-1pm Lunch/Recess


1:00pm-2:00pm Online School Work


2pm-3pm Conservatory Class 1


3pm-4pm Conservatory Class 2



Field Trip Day/Flex Day -Depending on the student's pacing this day is either a regular class day with early dismissal, a field trip day, or if student is on pace with work, they can take the day off, or get ahead for next week with the help of our teaching staff. *field trips that require admission and transportation will be at an additional cost.

TSP Conservatory Classes (subject to change)



2:10pm Broadway Tap

3:10pm Ballet

*Voice during the school day for full time students (online until further notice)



2:10pm Acro/Boot Camp (PE)

3:10pm Art with "The Art Corner"

*Voice for full time students during the school day



2:10pm Stagecraft with James Erwin from Orlando Shakes

3:10pm-Yoga for the Actor

*Voice for full time students during the school day



2:10pm Broadway Dance

3:10pm Acting: Monologues/Improv

*Voice for full time students during school day



Field Trip/ Catch Up Day!


Guest artist workshops: in Costume Design, Set Design, National Tour Artists, Local art designers, Disney cast member master classes and stage manager 101, casting agents, Head Shot Resume Building Day (extra cost), Audition Prep, Acro, Resume Writing, etc...

4th & 5th Graders?

High Schoolers?

Interested in a Full/half day program?

We're STARTING a NEW FLVS LAB in the Theater building this fall.

a small group of 4th & 5th graders with a hired teacher

to Guide them through the year with success.

Please email us for more information and pricing

*limited to 6 students


First you have your introductory meeting and Interview with us. If we have an opening in your grade level and it's a good fit, we will walk you through registering for TSP Academy and through Champion Preparatory school as your "Umbrella school" (optional). Once registered, our staff will guide you on what classes to register for with Florida Virtual School, and what classes will be taught by our staff. Please click here to learn more about Champion prep and what they will be providing us. 

*Conservatory Theatre Arts classes are available to the public- for traditional Homeschoolers.

Field Trips/Outings


  • Library

  • Local Business

  • Parks

  • Disney Springs

  • Science Center

  • History Museum

  • Horseback Riding

  • Theatre South Shows   

  • Orlando Shakespeare Theater

  • Orlando Rep Shows

  • Butterfly Garden

  • Nature Preserves

  • Blueberry Picking

  • Art Museums

  • “Go-To-Work” Day...& More!

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