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Theatre South Playhouse Private Lesson Policy

At Theatre South Playhouse (TSP) it is our pleasure to offer private lessons for music, voice, acting, and dance . We strive to give our client the best private lessons experience possible. Please help us by reviewing and respecting this Policy.


  • Parents should remain outside of the lesson unless invited in by instructor, as it is a distraction to our students and instructors.


  • Students must bring their music books and homework to every class.


  • Sick students will not be allowed to attend Private Lessons.


  • Vocal Students only: If your voice is over strained and your teacher feels that you are doing damage to your voice, you will be asked to reschedule.


Tuition Payment


  • To reserve a time slot, tuition for the full month must be paid in advance for all lessons in a month. Tuition is not adjusted, credited, carried forward, or refunded for weeks that a student does not attend a lesson for any reason.


  • Parents must let us know BEFORE the first of the month if a lesson will be missed for any reason. We will then set the billing to process on the first of the month for the number of lessons that will be scheduled (thus eliminating credits)

  • Tuition for the next month is due on the 1st of the month. If not paid on time, the time slot may be reassigned to a new student.  All payments will be set up as automatic monthly credit card billing to prevent loss of your time slot due to an inadvertent late payment.


Missed Lesson and Makeup Policy


Once you have reserved a month’s lessons, TSP commits to paying your teacher in full for all of the lessons. 


  • SICK CHILD POLICY. We understand that children get sick quickly and often, however we do require a minimum of a 6 hour cancellation with a sick child, in order to reschedule to lesson. If not, the lesson will be charged. *You MUST CONTACT YOUR TEACHER VIA TEXT MESSAGE DIRECTLY FOR A CALL-IN TO BE APPROVED


  • If you need to reschedule a lesson, you must let your teacher and our Admin staff know prior to the start of every month. 


  • TSP will not schedule any private lessons during Tech Weeks for our shows as all spaces are needed.

  • If the student is no show for a scheduled lesson, no refund will be given for the missed lesson and student will be unable to reschedule missed lesson. No exceptions.


Lessons Cancelled by TSP


Tuition for lessons cancelled by Theatre South Playhouse due to weather events, instructor illness, or facility conflicts will be credited to your account and deducted from the next month’s invoice.

However, if a substitute teacher has been scheduled at the same day and time of the original lesson, there is no tuition credit if the student does not attend the lesson.


School Holidays/TSP Show/Tech Week Conflicts


Tuition is not charged for days that TSP is closed: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving week, and December 24th through January 1st, and Spring Break, Tuition is charged for all other days of the year. TSP will make every effort to schedule around holidays, and TSP events. In instances where adjustments in schedules cannot be made, TSP will credit your account accordingly.


Substitute Teachers


If your teacher is out sick or on vacation, another faculty member may be scheduled to teach your lesson at the regularly scheduled time. Substitute lessons are billed the same as regular lessons. If you prefer to not have a substitute teacher, we will try to reschedule your lesson with your primary teacher subject to availability, however there is no monetary credit if you cancel the lesson.


Stopping Lessons


You may stop lessons at the end of any calendar month. If you have already paid the month’s tuition, you may stop lessons by providing 14 days advance notice. Tuition for lessons more than 14 days from your notice date is credited to your account for future use, but is not refunded.

Private Lessons: News

Private Lessons

See What All The Buzz Is About!
*Online and In-Person Options

Private Dance with Laura Mansoori,
Madison Mayer, & Sterling Lovett


Private Dance Lessons come in hour long allotments. Once registered, we will bill you monthly for your scheduled lessons-depending on the calendar. 

*Please see below for our cancellation policy.

1-hour sessions - $70 per lesson

Brandy Hooper 1 copy (1).jpg
Smolik_Headshot (3).jpg
Ally Sweiderk

Private Acting/Film Tapings with Monica Quinn

Private Acting/Film Tapings/Monologue Coaching Studio with Monica are available for Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons


Teens and Adults ages 12 and up


*Please see below for our cancellation policy.


doug head shot.jpg
Laura Mansoori.jpg

Private Voice and Piano Coaching
Natalie Hightower, Brandy Hooper, Dragomir Page, Justin Smolik & Allyson Sweiderk

Private Vocal and/or Piano lessons come in 30 minute, 45 minute, and hour allotments. Once registered, we will bill you monthly for lessons-depending on the calendar. 

*Please see below for our cancellation policy.


30 minute sessions - $35 per lesson

45 minute sessions - $52.50 per lesson

1 hour sessions - $70 per lesson

image0 (14).jpeg

Private Acting with Doug Legan

Private Acting/Monologue Coaching Studio with Doug come in 1/2 hour and hour allotments. Once registered, we will bill you monthly for 4 or 5 lessons-depending on the calendar year. 

*Please see below for our cancellation policy.

1/2 hour sessions - $35 per lesson

1-hour sessions - $70 per lesson

Drop in available - $35 1/2 hour; $70/hour

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